Transforming Chaos to Calm

Calling forth Brave Souls!
Would you like to use this global crisis to establish a resilient calm center?
Would you like to take the fear and anxiety that is circulating and use it as powerful fuel to ground you, liberate you from self-limiting patterns, and activate a life-affirming resiliency?
I’m seeking 12 Warrior & Warrioress Spirits… 
Interested in cultivating an inner reserve of resiliency, grit, and personal power to help carry ourselves and the people around us through this time of heightened stress and fear.
Over the last decade, my husband Aaron and I have owned and operated a mindfulness based yoga studio and trained hundreds of students to develop mindful practice, inner resiliency, and self-mastery.
For years, I have been piecing together a systematic process to help individuals transform chaotic, self-limiting emotional patterns such as fear and anxiety into a calm, resilient center…
Using the tools and skills of EMBODIMENT to not just know ourselves at center, but to cultivate our own sacred Dharma, or life’s work, that arises from our cultivation of center.
I realize now that all my work, study, and practice up until this point has prepared me for just this moment…
With the temporary close of our yoga studio due to this pandemic, I feel uniquely called to reach out to yogis and my community and around the world who feel an even deeper urgency to gather and to ground ourselves in powerful, deeply embodied spiritual practice.
To lean into the focus, determination, and concentration we have cultivated, and put it in service to holding our center and leading the people around us to do the same…
And in the process to naturally uncover and cultivate our unique spiritual gifts and personal callings that the world needs from us at this time.
So, if you find yourself hunkered down presently and are ready to use this time wisely to deepen your connection to your center, join me in this:
8 Week Zoom Program starting THIS TUESDAY March 24th.
Eight Tuesdays March 24th – May 12th
6:30 – 8 pm
+ Private FB Goup
and optional additional 1:1 Coaching Support
Details of this 8 Week Program: 
Together we will: 
* Establish powerful practices of movement and meditation geared towards developing the kind of strong, resilent center being called forth during these turbulent times.
* Take refuge in our bodies and our breath as our wellsprings of deep trust, healing ground, personal strength, love and compassion, and our deep source of  divine intelligence.
* Use the synergy of our shared gatherings to accelerate the deepening process and strengthen the kind of connections we need to thrive in this present global crisis.
What you can expect: 
* Straightforward, highly-focused instruction for embodied movement and meditation practices that will empower you, liberate, and nourish you in the face of heightened stress, anxiety and fear.
* A highly thoughtful, organized, step by step embodiment process that I have developed over the last decade during my own personal practice, study, and training.
* Group practice, Q & A sessions, and personal reflection during each group Zoom call.
*Creative personalization of the program depending on the personal needs of the group.
*A private FB Group for extra support, connection, and to address any questions that come up.
*Heavily discounted 1:1 Sessions available if desired.
My Background and Training:
*BA Psychology (2001)
*MA Spiritual Formation & Leadership (2011)
(Individual and Group Spiritual Direction)
*10 Years Experience Teaching Yoga & Meditation at the studio I have owned and operated with my husdband, Aaron (2012- present)
*4 Years of  200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, with focus on uncovering and living one’s unqiue Dharma in this world
*Extensive personal training  and certification in Judith Blackstone’s “Realization Process”, a nondual embodied mediation practice and Healing Ground psychological healing teqnique
*Extensive Training and certification in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy & Tecniques to develop and deepen Embodied Awareness
*20+ years of personal spiritual practice, intuitive guidance, and deep listening skills for hearing the call of the times in which we live
Due to the nature of this heightened global crisis, I will be starting this Program IMMEDIATELY. 
Don’t wait to register! 
Space is limited to 12. 
I had planned to offer this 8 Week program for $397 but I am SLASHING your investment to $197 (or three payments of $67) due to the urgent need for Mindful Calm and Powerful Center, NOW.
Final Thoughts:
Embodiment practices are the essential missing piece for most to step into their self-realization, wholeness and purpose.
Some background in a yoga, meditation, or other embodiment practice is helpful, but a deep willingness to explore and to deepen is a requirement.
What Others have to say about working with me:
When I began, I felt unsure and disconnected, told my entire life that my intuition and emotions are not to be trusted and that validation is external. It’s hard to describe the feeling I have now. It’s like, “oh… this is home. I forgot”. The space held is incredible, as well as the encouragement and accountability to keep pushing towards our true nature. Karen has an ability to see the possibilities in people and gently guide people to opening and softening to a different side of themselves. Our time is always well thought out and considerate. I am just incredibly grateful for the work she does. This is hard but necessary. Regardless of how far you want to take your journey there will be a shift inside. The world needs more people like her! At 38, I am grateful for this homecoming.
Before I began this work, I had lost sense of who I was and where I was going. There were parts of my body and myself that I had forgotten about. I felt that I need to circle back to a beginning, to a center within, find my inner strength. As a guide, Karen is patient, kind and gentle. She really listens, genuinely cares, and is down to earth. She knows the intimacy of the soul and how multifaceted it is. I am very grateful that she has helped me on this transformative journey and is an intimate part of it.
Karen has found her true calling. I am so thankful for Karen for creating this space, she is such a beautiful woman and soul. I am so blessed to have met her!
When I think of our group, I see that we were all there wanting validation that we were on the right path, or help finding our path, or, in the case of me, help finding my way back to my path. Only together, tethered to these practices, were we open to that discovery. Without question, I needed Karen and our sacred group to understand that. Karen has an amazing gift, an empathic quality, and I am so blessed to have her in my life.
Walking into Karen’s studio changed the entire trajectory of my life.
More About Karen, Midwife & Spiritual Field Guide 
I know intimately the self-doubt, fear, and overwhelm that comes with the territory of spiritual transformation.
I know the path is beset with obstacles and trials of many kinds.
For I have been there myself.
We live in a mixed up time in a broken world, yet that is why saying yes to the journey is not just vital and important…
But represents a grand and wild adventure for the soul.
It would be my honor to walk beside you to help faciliate this deep spiritual birthing work in you. 
To stand beside you during the shifting seasons, new spaces, questioning, doubting, trasnformation and fear that comes with the the birthing-something-new process…
To help you see the beauty and hope in what may now feel confusing, painful and raw… so you can take the deep breath that you need to move forward amidst obstacles.
To help you transform the vibrations and patterns of your everyday life…so you can more naturally make the shifts being asked of you at this time.
In love and in truth, 
I am trusting that those of you who are reading this and who feel that inner tug  are exactly where you need to be and are exactly the ones for whom this work is designed.
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