I wanted to express how much I appreciate Yoga 365 and what the practice has done for me.  By attending class 2-3 times per week, The Hot Yoga practice actually motivates me to eat better because I don’t want to put all the negatives back into my body that have been displaced.  It has also given me a new energy that motivates me to do additional exercising – mostly longer walks.  All of this has led to in excess of 30 lbs of weight loss in a little over 2 months! But it’s not just the weight loss.  It is the change in my body – I sit and walk more upright – my skeletal system is actually straightening and lengthening.  My leg strength is also noticeably different, but the biggest physical benefit I have felt so far is the range of motion in my neck  Before I started I had an incredibly stiff neck with little motion.  Now I can move it freely from side-to-side with no pain.  It’s amazing! I also feel the same about the mental strength gained from the classes, as well. I am still early in my Yoga practice, but I felt it was important to share my early notable success. I am looking forward to my progress as I continue to evolve in my practice.

~Ron H; Age 45

I’m incredibly fortunate to have begun my yoga journey at Hot Yoga 365. The studio is clean, welcoming and beautifully decorated. However Karen and Aaron’ s warmth and kindness are what creates the wonderful inviting atmosphere. Their serenity and kindness must be infectious, because each class encompasses all the genuine warmth of friendly people.

During my lifetime I’ve engaged in different forms of exercise. Always trying to keep some level of fitness infused into my lifestyle. Over the course of time my keeping fit some form of exercise was pushed to the side for other priorities and what followed was a long period of dormancy.  As time passed arthritis and insecurity became my crux. A friend and I decided to start moving again so we signed up for an introductory class at Hot Yoga 365 in February. I had never tried any form of yoga before, but quickly I felt the positive results.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  Karen and Aaron’s soothing voices calm my mind. I’m able to focus on their instructions that gently guide me into correct alignment for obtaining a balanced foundation in the poses. Their instructions have consistently helped build my strength and flexibility enabling me to reset my own personal goals with each pose. Along the journey I’ve noticed arthritic pains lessening, posture and flexibility improvement, clearer skin, and improved joint mobility ……I wish I had tried practicing yoga years ago!

Oh……the ice cold towels at the end of the class….ahhhhhhh….. What a treat!!!

~L Jacobs

When I started coming to Yoga 365 I was living in pain, had no energy and was starting to believe I’d just have to learn to live that way.   I noticed changes from each class I have taken there, I feel energized at work and no longer suffer all day.  It is hard to believe I began just two weeks ago… I would of never dreamed I’d would feel such amazing results so quickly.  For anyone who worries they won’t be able to do hot yoga, I encourage you to try it especially with this studio.  Thank you so much Karen & Aaron, I am truly grateful!!!

~Debra Eggleston

Hot yoga is my workout, meditation, therapy (physical/mental) and relaxation all mixed into one. When I am finished I feel like I have been at the spa for the body, mind, and soul. It makes me feel clean from the inside out by removing toxins. It also reduces my stress, works every muscle,  organ and joint and changes my body at a cellular level. It builds my self-esteem, releases emotional upsets, and rebuilds my body by working with it instead of against it. When I am finished with my session I feel completely transformed. I look and feel wonderful. It gives me tons of energy, and raises my mood and outlook on life. Yoga 365 is a happy, clean, positive and helpful environment to be in with instructors who truly care.

~Andrea Wurthner 

“I recently signed up for Hot Yoga classes in Clearwater at Yoga 365.  I tried it and I’m hooked now. I’m an avid runner, and hot yoga has greatly improved my runs, healed my aches and pains, and have bettered my running times. I’ve also increased the distance of my runs from 6 to 8 miles. My runs seem effortless since Karen taught me how to moderate breathing, and helped me strengthen weaker muscles that aid in balance and control. I highly recommend Aaron and Karen at Yoga 365 for runners, athletes, or beginners.”

~ Rick Q., Palm Harbor

What a great studio! After 5 years of Bikram yoga in crammed, stinky, unevenly heated and ventilated overbooked NYC studios, I couldn’t help but thoroughly enjoy my one week experience at Yoga 365. It has to be the cleanest, best smelling, fresh toweled, evenly heated, spacious and relaxing studio ever. It helps that it is 6 months old only and all students attending are mindful and respectful folks. There is plenty of parking, great location in Clearwater across from Home Depot.

But it isn’t just the clean fresh studio and gorgeous hard wood studio flooring to brag about. What made my experience wonderful were the owners and teachers, Aaron and Karen. They couldn’t be more welcoming and helpful and best of all caring for each student. They are low key but at the same time know how to push you through the workout once it starts. I found myself not holding back on a few poses as I usually do to conserve energy and instead giving it 100% on every pose. Ok, so the classes being only 60 min also helped push me along and I think I get just as much of a workout and benefit from the 60 min class as I do from regular 90 min Bikram, so great scheduling Yoga 365! The classes also are well spaced out, some in the morning, noon and late afternoon and eve, accommodating the most common work schedules, super convenient. I did 5 classes in 5 days and not only got my money’s worth but a great experience and a studio I would happily go back to. And to finish my perfect yoga week, I took a 60 min massage at the studio with Stephanie, who is such a sweet girl and yet can squeeze your shoulders until they hurt (so good). I had a deep tissue massage with her and am thinking of going again next week, I enjoyed her technique and sweet personality and attention so much.

All in all, my best Bikram yoga studio experience ever and I can guarantee you would love the studio and the teachers just as much as I did. Good luck and happy yoga practice!

~Tanya B.