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200 Hour | Starts January 2, 2020 | Enroll Now

200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training
@ Yoga 365 | 2020
The Art of Living Yoga

Become a fully certified yoga instructor
7 Full Weekend Immersions (January-May) 

Discover Whether Teacher Training is Right for You

A brand new teacher training starts this January, led by co-owner/instructors Karen and Aaron Ledesma plus Michelle Ciliberti. While completion of our program will equip you to teach two of three sequenced classes, there is much to be gained from the training even if teaching is not your end goal. These weekends are just as much about cultivating confidence in yourself, creating community in which to explore the deeper callings of your life, and exploring the nature of personal practice to generate and sustain inner transformation and a life of living, radiant yoga.

About the Yoga 365 Hot Yoga Teacher Training 

The Yoga 365 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program offers a comprehensive training in the outer and inner practice of yoga . If your goal is ultimately to teach, this training will equip you to safely, confidently, and effectively teach a unique 365 Hot Yoga Fusion class, as well as your choice of focus on either the 26&2 traditional Bikram sequence or a Dynamic Slow Flow sequence.  Upon completion, you will earn your 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification with Yoga Alliance. Even if teaching hot yoga is not your end goal, you can expect an immersion into the practice, discipline, and self-realization that yoga offers physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can expect to deepen your own practice in a fully grounded, fully supportive teacher training community.  

How long does the training take to complete?

Your life is busy, we get it. Yet something has brought you to this moment in which you desire to immerse yourself in a deeper, transformative experience of yoga, and perhaps prepare to become a yoga teacher yourself. We have created a program that allows you to IMMERSE in the study and practice of yoga while also balancing the demands of your everyday life, work, and family. The training will be spread over five months, with seven weekend immersions roughly every three weeks. In addition, we will meet for an additional seven Friday nights to take class, stay connected as a community, and complete your full 200 hours.

What to expect each weekend: 

  • Asana and pranayama practice
  • Meditation practice and instruction
  • Instruction in the art and practice of teaching yoga | yoga cues | yoga sequencing
  • Group Discussions | Yoga philosophy | Yoga History & Lineages | The Inner Yoga Tradition
  • Homework & reading assignments and discussion
  • Self-care techniques
  • Opportunity for hands-on student teaching


  • The core of our training will be to immerse trainees in practicing and teaching our 365 Fusion sequence, co-created by Karen Ledesma and Michelle Cilliberti. The 365 Fusion class consists of a series of many of the familiar 26 poses from Bikram integrated with postures from other styles of vinyasa, including more upper body strengthening, core strengthening, and hip opening postures. A challenging class accessible for all levels, with strong, quiet holds and modifications for intensity level.   
  • Trainees will benefit from the combined knowledge of Karen Ledesma and Michelle Cilliberti, who will lead the Bikram and Vinyasa Flow teacher training tracks, respectively. In addition to the 365 Fusion sequence, each teacher trainee will have the opportunity to focus on a particular hot yoga track (Hot 26 OR Dynamic Slow Flow). 

Who is this training for? 

  • This training is for those who love the traditional Hot 26, but will benefit from knowledge and understanding of postures from other styles, including traditional sun salutations, more twists, and supported hip openers. You can choose to focus on developing yourself as a Bikram teacher, yet broaden to appreciate the dynamics of vinyasa flow.
  • This training is for those who love vinyasa flow, but will benefit from giving your practice, as well as your teaching, added structure, discipline and consistency. You can choose to focus more on developing creative flow as a teaching style, but still develop the backbone of a strong core sequence from which to build.
  • This training is for those of you who love yoga, who want to immerse in both continuity and community, and have as your end goal growth as a person and in your yoga practice.


Exceeds Yoga Alliance Standards:

  • Techniques, Training & Practice: 75 hrs A consistent and mindful asana practice is the core of our training. Each weekend, you will spend time deepening your practice, integrating principles of the Yoga 365 training, and developing the mindset of a teacher.
  • Posture Clinics: 36 hrs Hands-on posture clinics and interactive discussions will break down our core 365 sequences, including the anatomy, form, benefits, modifications, common misalignments and contraindications of each posture. Explore the dynamics of each posture anatomically, therapeutically and energetically.
  • Teaching Skills: 27 hrs Learn how to be an effective teacher. Develop your authentic voice & communication style and learn how to manage individual needs in a class setting and how to demonstrate and assist students safely through the sequence.
  • Anatomy: 22 hrs Experiential and hands-on study of human anatomy and physiology, and how to apply this knowledge to safe and therapeutic yoga practice and teaching. Subtle body anatomy will be layered into the study of gross anatomy.
  • Yoga Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle:  21 Hrs Interactive discussion of  A) yoga history and philosophy, B)  Ethics, service and self-care as a yoga teacher, C) Mindfulness and Yoga, D) Psychology and Yoga and E) Everyday Spirituality of Yoga.
  • Practice Teaching: 10 hrs We know it takes practice to become a great yoga teacher. Our program provides the opportunity to complete double the required practice teaching hours for Yoga Alliance. You will have time to develop your voice and skills in a supportive and structured setting with guidance from our expert teachers. You will also spend additional hours observing Yoga 365 classes develop your eye and see what you’re learning in action.

What is the schedule like each weekend immersion? 

6 pm-7:30 pm Friday Mandatory Session
Saturday       8 am – 6 pm 
Sunday        8 am – 6 pm


Dates and Times:

OPENING DAY JANUARY 9th | FRI | 5:00 – 7:30 PM

Weekend Immersions:

January 10th – 12th
January 24th – 26th
February 14th – 16th
March 6th-8th
March 27th – 29th
April 17th – 19th 
May 8th – 10th



$2700 Paid in Full
Financing Plan:
$500 Deposit
+ $355 / per weekend

($2985 total)
(Credit Card required for Auto-Debit)



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