Soul Care Yoga & Meditation

Soul Care Yoga & Meditation

Awaken. Embody. Emerge.

wholly present, fully living, well within.


1-on-1 Sessions

“The act of being present enough to one’s self to hear the message from inside is sometimes referred to by yogis as one’s dharma. Each of us hears a different message…It requires an inner stillness which the body can provide. We need to attune to our inner voice and listen with our whole being rather than just our mind. We can then integrate what is revealed to us by having someone be our witness.” -Michael Lee 

What is Soul Care Yoga & Meditation?

While traditional therapy and counseling are often useful for problem solving and resolving immediate crises in our lives, our spiritual formation and the everyday care of our soul calls for a different approach. We all need space in our lives to address our search for deeper meaning and the ways we navigate the obstacles that arise along the way. When we find ourselves at this inner crossroads, it is not so much external change or problem solving that we seek, but inner transformation–seeing our lives through new eyes. We find ourselves in need of true care of the soul, which is not so much a science as an art of creative, attentive living. Soul Care is best achieved through an embodied approach –one that tends to our body, mind, spirit and soul as an integrated whole and draws on intentional spiritual practice. I have also found in my own life that growth comes more swiftly and dynamically in the company of a trusted, intuitive friend—a compassionate, listening presence.

About Soul Care Sessions:

It is your own inner wisdom that you seek and that will heal—my role is to help you delve more deeply, listen more closely, and live more artfully from the center of your being.

Individual sessions are creatively tailored to meet your present needs. Our work together may touch on some or all of the following:

  • Honor your own soul’s need to be heard and expressed in the presence of a compassionate listener
  • Integrate a deeper sense of soul care into your everyday life 
  • Begin or deepen a personal spiritual practice (yoga, writing/journaling, meditation/centering prayer)
  • Create and breathe life into a vision or calling for the whole or some aspect of your life
  •  Deepen awareness through silence, centering, and inner listening 

YogaEXPLORE & DEEPEN YOUR PERSONAL YOGA PRACTICE:  Our bodies are a powerful point of access to our deepest self, every cell vibrating with the unique expression that each of us is called and created to be. Movement and body awareness help attune us to the deep wisdom, integration, and potential for healing contained within our bodies. Yoga, breath work, and careful attention to mind-body connections are powerful disciplines through which we can translate body sensations into powerful wisdom, deeper connection to ourselves and others, and transformative healing.



WritingSPEAK AND WRITE THE MIND ALIVE:   The mind also is in a constant state of motion, mirroring the flux of our everyday lives. Many voices compete for attention within our everyday lives. Through dialogue and journaling exercises, we refine our ability to listen for the voice of our True Selves, creating deeper connection and intimacy with ourselves, others, and the world around us. Forging a connection to one’s own voice is an essential part of the journey in embracing, articulating, and bringing forth one’s deepest sense of self, calling and purpose.



PrayerATTEND TO YOUR SOUL:   Our soul thrives when we are  allowed a space in which to explore and further develop what is most sacred in our lives. In a world in which our lives are in constant flux, spiritual practices such as Silence, Centering Prayer and Meditation give access to the life of our innermost soul.  To truly know ourselves is to consider our own rhythms in response and in relation to this center.



CoachingCREATE AN ACTION PLAN: Often it is taking that next step of authentic action that is the hardest to achieve without support. Together, we will thoughtfully look for ways to take action on the insights, callings and deeper meanings that we will uncover in our work together.



About Karen

I have a great love of partnering with others to tend to the needs of the soul. My own spiritual journey has for two decades taken shape around the disciplines of Yoga, Writing Practice, and Contemplative Prayer and Meditation, and has always thrived in the company of my own spiritual friends, confidantes, and guides. I have been blessed with the gift of soul friendship and spiritual direction and have witnessed the power that comes from witnessing and walking with another on the spiritual path. A compassionate, listening presence reminds us who we are deep inside and, like a midwife, helps usher those qualities forth to be received by the world.

I completed a degree in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 2001, where my primary interest was Depth Psychology—particularly the intersections between psychology and spirituality. I earned an MA in Spiritual Formation and Leadership in 2011, with an emphasis on both group and one-on-one spiritual direction and soul care. I also hold a certification as a Life Coach. My personal spiritual path has primarily focused on what it means to live contemplatively in today’s world, attuned to how the needs of the soul intersect with the needs of this world. My interest is in deep inner listening as an approach to live from the heart, to live a more meaningful, thoughtful and creative life.  As a yoga instructor trained in traditional Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and within the Yoga Therapy Phoenix Rising tradition, I have a deep conviction in the power of an integrated mind/body approach to bring about self-empowerment, deep inner healing, and personal transformation.

Scheduling a Session

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email to consider whether you might benefit from Soul Care sessions. Sessions are held privately and confidentially. We can also work  together over email correspondence throughout the month. Rates are determined on a sliding scale, which allows you to pay what you can afford in a flexible, individually tailored way.

Karen Ledesma