SET at Yoga 365

Structural Energetic Therapy at Yoga 365 in Clearwater

Barry Engh, BA, LMT, SET


In 2012 Barry began his study of bodywork and in 2014, graduated from the D.G. Erwin Technical center and obtained his massage license shortly thereafter. He has also received advanced training in Structural Energetic Therapy under Don McCann.

Barry began his journey into discovering the restorative power of touch in 2003 when he began his study of Aikido, a Japanese martial art while attending the University of South Florida. He shortly afterwards obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Gerontology in 2005 and continued developing his awareness of the body’s optimal structure and function by studying Yoga to facilitate his recovery after a knee injury. He has also supplemented his knowledge of the body through weight lifting, various other martial arts disciplines, and functional mobility training.

Barry takes an individualized, client-focused approach to bodywork, and uses a variety of techniques to help empower clients to meet their specific needs. He believes in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself and sees himself as a facilitator of that process.

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