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Private Yoga Instruction provided by the Certified Instructors at Yoga 365


Private Yoga Instruction at Yoga 365


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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] one-on-one Private Yoga instruction in Clearwater with one of Yoga 365’s instructors is a great way to take your yoga practice to the next level. Whether you are a beginner with many questions, a seasoned practitioner looking to refine your practice, or  someone who wants individually tailored instruction, a Private Yoga lesson from a certified Yoga 365 instructor is immensely helpful. It gives you the extra bit of attention and care that you might need to address specific personal needs, questions or injuries. Private Yoga Instruction at Yoga 365 in Clearwater will be tailored to each individual’s practice and specific needs. Contact Karen at 727.712.0365 or to schedule your private yoga session.[/box]



  • Have you thought about beginning a hot yoga practice, but want to begin with individual yoga instruction so that you can join the group class with a greater sense of confidence and ease?
    A block of 5 Private yoga sessons is a great introduction to the 26 yoga postures and breathing exercises, which maximizes opportunity for individual feedback and attention to alignment, balance and breath within each yoga posture.
  • Struggling with nagging injuries, limitations or balance problems?
    Private yoga instruction will provide individual attention to help you maximize your potential for each posture and allow you to practice to be more effortless.
  • Have you started a yoga practice, but would like to deepen your understanding of the postures in a one-on-one environment?
    A weekly or bi-weekly private lesson is a great way to ask questions to define alignment and breath work, and learn helpful tips and corrections to amplify and maximize the benefits in class.
  • Do you have question about the “other stuff” that surfaces in your yoga practice–emotions that rise to the top, thoughts that drift, unfamiliar sensations or a sense of  uneasiness as you begin to peel back layers of experience? 
    Try private instruction to address some of your concerns and intentions regarding your practice and clarify what you are hoping to receive from your yoga practice.

Private Yoga Instruction Pricing:

Summer Special – 20% off Regular Prices

30 Minutes Private Instruction $40 (regularly $50)
60 Minutes Private Instruction $60 (regularly $75)
Block of Five 30 Minute Sessions $175 (regualrly $220)
Block of Five 60 Minute Sessions $250 (regularly $315)

Schedule a Private Yoga Session online or contact Karen at 727.712.0365 or to book your personal session

* Please note there is a 24 Cancellation Policy for all Private Yoga instruction.