What do I need to know?

Classes are 60, 75 or 90 minutes long in a heated room and are suitable for all levels of experience. Traditional Hot Yoga emphasizes healing, rest, and moving meditation within a set sequence of postures, while Power Flow emphasizes a continuous flow of postures synchronizing movement with breath. If you ever need a break during any of our classes, please just sit down on your mat, connect with your breath and rest until you’re ready to join in again.

  • What do I wear? Think beach wear and come ready to move! Since this yoga is hot, women often wear athletic tops with yoga shorts or capris. Men usually wear just shorts, or shorts and an athletic top. Sweatpants and bulky clothing is not recommended!
  • When should I arrive? Please arrive 10 -15 minutes early to allow plenty of time for registration and orientation to the studio. Due to the nature of the class, NO LATE ARRIVALS will be allowed! It’s important to get settled into the studio and acclimated to the heat before starting your first class. Class registration for new students is closed 5 minutes before class time.

  • What do I bring? Bring a yoga mat, a large bath or beach towel, and water. All of this is available for rent or purchase at the studio.
  • What can I expect at the studio? The studio has restrooms, separate showers for women and men, and separate women’s and men’s changing rooms with cubbies for your belongings. You can expect a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere, no matter your level of experience.


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