Our Story

Yoga 365 began as a shared dream. The two of us first met in 2005 a Bikram Yoga class in Tampa, and very quickly our shared passion for practicing and teaching yoga planted a seed for Yoga 365. The dream was more than 10 years in the making. We married in 2007, and for the next few years Aaron’s career as a Baseball Coach in the Minor Leagues took us on the road all over the North and South East. When we finally settled in the Clearwater area, we were finally presented with the opportunity to open our own studio and fulfill our shared dream.

Our first classes at Yoga 365 were in November of 2012. It was thrilling to introduce the Bikram practice to a community who was for the most part new to the practice, and today several of our newest students comprise our core membership base that continues to grow. Over the years, we have expanded to include a Heated Hatha sequence that perfectly compliments the Bikram Yoga Sequence, a Power Yoga offering, a popular candlelit Slow Flow class, and a new (non-heated) Restorative class that invites our students to completely unwind.

We’re staying busy! 2015 brought the birth of our beautiful daughter, Selah, and 2016 the opening of The Ledesma Baseball Institute right behind Yoga 365 as well as our hosted Teacher Training offering.

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We are truly grateful for all of our students that enrich our lives everyday, as well as the mix of truly gifted, warm and passionate instructors that are now a part of the Yoga 365 Family.

Aaron Ledesma

Aaron4Aaron enjoyed a twelve-year career in professional baseball as an infielder for the Mets, Orioles, Angels, Rockies and the Tampa Bay Rays. Shortly after having back surgery in 2001, Aaron took his first Bikram Yoga Class in San Francisco and knew instantly that the Bikram series was exactly what his body needed after years of rigorous play. Instead of going to spring training that year, Aaron decided to retire from baseball and attend Bikram’s yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. He has been teaching yoga ever since, and he enjoys teaching just as much as he does practicing. His focus at Yoga 365 is to help people from all walks of life heal their bodies and find inner peace and confidence in their lives. He also enjoys introducing the benefits of yoga to local athletes, and in 2106 opened The Ledesma Baseball Institute behind the yoga studio in Clearwater. He has worked with the St. Petersburg College Baseball and Softball teams as well as with the New York Yankees organization to help athletes realize more flexibility, range of motion, and mental focus.


Karen Ledesma

Karen LedesmaKaren began exploring yoga and meditation fifteen years ago at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she earned a degree in Psychology. For years she explored different styles of yoga, including traditional Hatha and Iyengar, before settling into teaching and practicing in the Ashtanga tradition. In 2005, she fell in love with the cleansing, healing, and meditative aspects of the traditional Bikram yoga series and made Hot Bikram Yoga her daily physical and spiritual practice. It wasn’t long before she was certified to teach the Bikram sequence and share her passion for daily practice with others.  In addition, Karen became certified as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy teacher, which encourages a deeper connection with self through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology.  During pregnancy, Karen also deepened her practice of self-care and empowerment through modified yoga practice, and was certified to teach Prenatal Yoga through Blooma Yoga. Having also earned an MA in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Karen has a strong interest in integrating the spiritual dimension of yoga, whether through yoga practice or through other dimensions of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care.