Fall Fever – Tips for Renewed & Healthy Habits

Fall Fever – Tips for Renewed & Healthy Habits

21DaysAs the lazy Florida summer turns into fall, I start to feel the impulse to get back on schedule again and back to good habits. Fall gets me in the mood for new projects and goal-setting. I catch the back-to-school fever of daily planners, better sleeping schedules, healthier meal-planning, and promises to follow through on my good ideas to better balance my life, health, and well-being. I feel some of you in the studio catching that same fever. Many of you who have been struggling with an on-again-off-again cycle with your Hot Yoga practice this summer have been talking about the power of creating and sticking with good habits and schedules to keep you on track.

The thing is, our mind always has excuses for not doing the things we know we need to do—those things that take effort but ultimately make us feel better, sleep better, show up for our lives with more clarity, focus, and peace of mind. Sometimes a little planning and forethought are just what we need to break through those mental excuses and just get to class!! That is almost always the hardest part—once you’re here, you know you will leave feeling better for having come! When have you ever regretted making the effort to come to class?

Here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years for maintaining my own practice through those up and down cycles, as well as what I’ve observed from others around the studio:

  • Create and stick to a manageable and realistic schedule of classes for yourself. Don’t set yourself up for failure, but decide realistically how many classes you can commit to in a week. Build up a steady routine, and then build on that. The more consistent you are in your practice, the better results you will have and the better you’ll feel.
  • Pack your yoga clothes & mat the night before and have them ready in the morning or already in your car. Always have an extra change of yoga clothes for those “just in case” moments—mats, towels and water are always available here at the studio.
  • Use the online scheduling tool on our website to organize your classes for the week! Some of our most consistent practitioners here are the ones who go in every Sunday night and map out and schedule their classes for the weeks. There is power in this! Once you’ve scheduled yourself, you are more likely to do whatever needs to be done to get yourself to class—and to ignore those silly voices in your head luring you towards your remote control.
  • Enlist a friend, family member or your significant other to be your yoga buddy and help keep each other on track. Some of our most consistent yogis come in pairs. It’s fun, it’s motivating, and much easier to stay accountable.
  • Experiment with different class times and find where you can most easily and consistently fit yoga into your daily life. The Hot Class is designed as a daily practice and tune-up, best done regularly as part of your everyday routine—this is one of the main reasons we’ve shortened most of our classes to 60 minutes. If you’ve never tried the 6 am class, give it a shot! People who love the early class rave about how satisfying and empowering it is to get their practice done before the rest of their day even starts—and how much their practice carries into their day in a positive way.
  • Organize your eating habits to support your yoga practice. We know it can be tough when you are taking evening classes to figure out when and how to eat! Talk with us for ideas, and plan your meals to support you in your practice. With all the energy you’ll gain from a daily practice, you will find you won’t need those big evening meals anyways! The more regular your yoga practice, the more your eating habits will begin to adjust accordingly and you will find what works best for you.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy Fall Practice!


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