Class Descriptions

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AWKWARDHot:  Bikram Method Hatha Yoga is a sequence of 26 postures & 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room, suitable for all ages and levels. A static, therapeutic and energizing practice, the Hot class is great for those new to hot yoga, recovering from injury or surgery, or looking for a challenging yet healing everyday practice. Benefits of a regular practice include weight loss, improved muscle tone, stress relief, increased energy, and overall physical and mental well being. This class will promote steady physical progress of strength and flexibility, cultivate mental focus and discipline, and create a foundation for stillness and meditation in motion. Room heated to 101-105 degrees for maximum healing and detoxifying benefits. 60 minute classes allow you to practice more often during your busy week; 75 and 90 minute classes are encouraged on the weekends for taking your practice deeper.


fixed firmWarm 60 / Intro to Hot Yoga: Great for those new to yoga or first time hot yoga students, the Warm class serves as a great introduction to the key 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in our traditional Bikram-style Hot classes. Moving at a slower pace with less heat, the intro class is also a great class for those dealing with injury, who would benefit from modifications to postures in the sequence. Also serves as a great prenatal class! Appropriate and beneficial as well for more advanced students to slow down the practice, focus on alignment and breath, and practice mindfulness of movement at a slower pace in a less hot room.




WarriorIPower Slow Flow: Moving gracefully through a set sequence of standing, balancing and seated postures, including basic inversions and hip openers, the Power Slow Flow is an all levels class designed to encourage proper alignment of the body and bring balance, strength, and a calm mind. Classes are based on classic yoga postures with attention to alignment and the deeper layers of yoga, such as mindfulness and breath. The sequence will not change much week to week, so you can start to learn the series and gauge your progress. This is not a “flow” class: expect a steady pace, longer holds, just enough vinyasas, and some use of props to assist a posture or maximize a stretch. Modifications offered to meet student’s needs.



DownDogsPower Flow: Yoga flow is an energizing, strengthening, and invigorating class, characterized by flowing poses and varying sequences that are linked to the breath. Expect to move and breathe smoothly from one pose to another, building strength, energy and grace and releasing stress in the body. Practiced in a heated room to maximize the healing and detoxifying aspects of the class. Beginners with some yoga experience through more advanced students will enjoy the benefits of this class. Sweat, play and flow! Students brand new to a flow practice are encouraged to begin with Yoga Basics or Heated Hatha. A great style to build strength, stamina and flexibility while cultivation a sense of graceful peace and well-being.



SlowFlowCandlelit Slow Flow: Appropriate for all levels and set to candlelight, this slow-moving and supportive class combines classic Hatha yoga postures, flowing movement and breath to encourage mindful movement and relaxation. Attention is paid to alignment and breath-work, with an emphasis on feeling your way into postures as a way to safely anchor your practice. Great for those new to a flow practice as well as students who want to slow down and deepen their practice, release stress and tension, build strength and emphasize the alignment of breath, energy and movement. Room heated between 90-95 degrees. While this class is a slower pace than hot flow, it will still challenge and inspire you to deepen your practice in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.




crow poseRocket Yoga: This is a dynamic, challenging, and fun practice that is open to practitioners of ALL levels. This set sequence is rooted in the Ashtanga Yoga System which integrates breath control, energy locks and circulation (bandhas), and focusing one’s mind through vision. The restructure of the Ashtanga based poses offers the practitioner modifications that create accessibility for beginning students, while offering a challenge for intermediate to advanced students. This is a fun and uplifting practice!