30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge Clearwater

30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge in Clearwater

30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge Clearwater

By Karen Ledesma

A group of  committed yogis here at Yoga 365 in Clearwater has decided to band together to complete a 30 Day challenge during the month of April. What is a 30 day challenge? A 30 day yoga challenge is 30 hot yoga classes to be completed in 30 days. Classes can be doubled up in a day if need be to make up for a missed day. The spirit of the challenge is that, one way or another, 30 classes will be completed within the month.

After several names went up on the chalkboard after one early morning class, several more Yoga 365 regulars took notice throughout the day and decided to jump into the challenge. We decided it would be fun to open up the challenge to the rest of our students and extend the 30 days to include the first few days of  May. In other words, there is still time to jump in! The 30 days of hot yoga can start anytime from the 1st to the 5th of April and extend for 30 days.

At the end of our challenge, we figure we will have to celebrate! Stay tuned as we brainstorm some ideas. What do you think about a potluck / picnic  in Philippe Park in early May? There may even be a special surprise in store for those who complete the challenge…. stay tuned!

Check in with us here if you want to join in on the conversation or if you have questions about Hot Yoga in Clearwater. And good luck! Completing a 30 day hot yoga challenge is a great way to solidify yoga as a habit in your life, making yoga a more permanent part of your lifestyle. We have seen firsthand how this kind of commitment can change lives, so we are excited to be a part of it!

Feel free to comment here throughout your 30 days with any thoughts you have along the journey or to support one another along the way. Also check us out on our facebook page at facebook.com/hotyoga365

The Yoga 365 Team

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