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Teacher Training

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200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training
@ Yoga 365 | 2019
The Art of Living Yoga

Become a fully certified yoga instructor in the Bikram Style in 5 Months

A brand new teacher training starts this January, led by co-owners/instructors Karen & Aaron Ledesma. While completion of our program will equip you to teach the traditional Hot Yoga sequence at Yoga 365, there is much to be gained from the training even if teaching is not your end goal. These weekends are just as much about cultivating confidence in yourself, creating community in which to explore the deeper callings of your life, and exploring the nature of personal practice to generate and sustain inner transformation and a life of yoga.

Highlights of the Yoga 365 Teacher Training Program:

  • Yoga Alliance 200 Hr Certified Program
  • Led by Aaron & Karen Ledesma, Co-Owners Yoga 365
  • Posture Clinics, Teaching Clinics, Anatomy Presenters, Yoga Philosophy & Ethics, and the Business of Teaching Yoga
  • Graduate ready to teach the full Bikram Hot Yoga Series
  • Participate in 5 Months of Guided Self-Growth & Inner Transformation within the Yogic Tradition
Training Format & Dates:

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS | January 9th – May 1st | 6 – 9 pm (Includes 6:30 pm class)

6 Weekend Immersions in 5 Months

Friday 5:30 pm-8:00 pm / Saturday 8 am – 6:00 pm / Sunday 8 am – 5 pm

January 11th – 13th
February 1st – 3rd
February 22nd – 24th
March 22nd – 24th
April 12th – 14th
May 3rd – May 5th


$2700 Paid in Full
Financing Plan:
$500 Deposit
+ $415 / per weekend

($2990 total)


HOLD YOUR SPOT With Deposit Here


(Ask Karen about payment plans or any other questions)

Unlimited Yoga @ Yoga 365 during Training Included in Tuition

Whether you feel called to become a teacher of the traditional Hot Yoga series, are interested in taking your practice of Hot Yoga to a deeper level, or are looking for an opportunity for structured learning and inner transformational work, we will help guide you in the direction you wish you go. We are passionate about learning in community!

Combining Aaron’s distinguished background as a Major League Baseball Player and Coach with Karen’s background in Psychology and Spiritual Formation, their goal is to coach and encourage you not just how to become a teacher of this practice, but to embark upon a path of self-discovery on which you challenge yourself to grow in the direction of your dreams. The training is supplemented by talks and presentations from leaders in the fields of Anatomy, Ayurvedic Healing, Yoga Philosophy and Body-Centered Therapists.

All levels of experience are welcome to participate in teacher training! More than a “perfect” or advanced practice, we are looking for those who are open for growth and ready to learn!

Please talk to Karen or Aaron if you would like to have a conversation about whether training might be for you!

“Transformation would be the best word I can use to describe the Yoga 365 Teacher Training – Bikram Series. I signed up for the teacher training not knowing if I wanted to become a yoga teacher. But I heard so many good things about doing a yoga teacher training, I thought it would be a great way to get the discipline and commitment I wanted in an exercise program, regardless of whether I became a teacher. I wanted to regain the physical strength I was beginning to lose due to “middle age”.

I was surprised to discover the strength I have gained is not only physical but mental and spiritual. The benefits are numerous: learning to breathe, looking younger, feeling younger, less back pain, clothes fit better, can see my muscles again, but one of the most important changes I’ve experience is the ability to have compassion for myself. This has made living my life easier, it’s so much more gratifying and peaceful. It’s benefited my relationships as well, learning to be present is a gift.

I also gained another priceless benefit, and that is the friendships I have made with my fellow students and teachers. It’s wonderful to be a part of such a great community of loving people. I am so grateful for the knowledge, the strength, the experience, and the love. I have decided that teaching yoga is my path, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with others. But regardless of your path, I recommend this program to anyone who is ready to transform their life.”

–  Testimonial, current Yoga 365 Teacher Trainee

Please email to register or if you have any questions about whether or not teacher training is for you

What makes the Yoga 365 Teacher Training special?

Comprehensive Syllabus: Depth of study in the science and philosophy of yoga, as well as inspirational and clear instruction in the art of teaching.

Inquiry-Based Curriculum: One foundation of this course is learning about oneself in relationship, learning about one’s conditioning and habits, and the art of inner listening and observing. It will be a personal journey that will also serve as a foundation for professional development and your educational, supportive role with students. It is only when we link with our deepest self that we are able to connect to another. In that light we will have sessions within each weekend devoted to shared inquiry, learning about ourselves, and the nature of embodied awareness and yoga.

Supportive Community Environment:  Expect true transformation in a supportive and structured setting.

Mentorship: The relationship between student and mentor is central to yoga. Regular meetings, the development of a personal practice and its evolution over time form an important part of the training process.

Techniques, Training & Practice: 75 hrs A consistent and mindful asana practice is the core of our training. Each day, you will spend time deepening your practice, integrating principles of the Yoga 365 training, and developing the mindset of a teacher.

Posture Clinics: 36 hrs Hands-on posture clinics and interactive discussions will break down the traditional hot yoga sequence, including the anatomy, form, benefits, modifications, common misalignments and contraindications of each posture. Explore the dynamics of each posture anatomically, therapeutically and energetically.

Teaching Skills: 27 hrs Learn how to be an effective teacher. Develop your authentic voice & communication style and learn how to manage individual needs in a class setting and how to demonstrate and assist students safely through the sequence.

Anatomy: 22 hrs Experiential and hands-on study of human anatomy and physiology, and how to apply this knowledge to safe and therapeutic yoga practice and teaching. Subtle body anatomy will be layered into the study of gross anatomy.

Yoga Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle:  21 Hrs Interactive discussion of  A) yoga history and philosophy, B)  Ethics, service and self-care as a yoga teacher, C) Mindfulness and Yoga, D) Trauma, Psychology and Yoga and E) Everyday Spirituality of Yoga.

Practice Teaching: 10 hrs We know it takes practice to become a great yoga teacher. Our program provides the opportunity to complete double the required practice teaching hours for Yoga Alliance. You will have time to develop your voice and skills in a supportive and structured setting with guidance from our expert teachers. You will also spend additional hours observing Yoga 365 classes develop your eye and see what you’re learning in action.

 Phone: 727.712.0365

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