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Our Instructors

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Aaron Ledesma
Aaron4Aaron enjoyed a twelve-year career in professional baseball as an infielder for the Mets, Orioles, Angels, Rockies and the Tampa Bay Rays. Shortly after having back surgery in 2001, Aaron took his first Bikram Yoga Class in San Francisco and knew instantly that the Bikram series was exactly what his body needed after years of rigorous play. Instead of going to spring training that year, Aaron decided to retire from baseball and attend Bikram’s yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. He has been teaching yoga ever since, and he enjoys teaching just as much as he does practicing. His focus at Yoga 365 is to help people from all walks of life heal their bodies and find inner peace and confidence in their lives. He also enjoys introducing the benefits of yoga to local athletes, and in 2106 opened The Ledesma Baseball Institute behind the yoga studio in Clearwater. He has worked with the St. Petersburg College Baseball and Softball teams as well as with the New York Yankees organization to help athletes realize more flexibility, range of motion, and mental focus.

Karen Ledesma

Karen LedesmaKaren began exploring yoga and meditation fifteen years ago at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she earned a degree in Psychology. For years she explored different styles of yoga, including traditional Hatha and Iyengar, before settling into teaching and practicing in the Ashtanga tradition. In 2005, she fell in love with the cleansing, healing, and meditative aspects of the traditional Bikram yoga series and made Hot Bikram Yoga her daily physical and spiritual practice. It wasn’t long before she was certified to teach the Bikram sequence and share her passion for daily practice with others.  In addition, Karen became certified as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy teacher, which encourages a deeper connection with self through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology.  During pregnancy, Karen also deepened her practice of self-care and empowerment through modified yoga practice, and was certified to teach Prenatal Yoga through Blooma Yoga. Having also earned an MA in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Karen has a strong interest in integrating the spiritual dimension of yoga, whether through yoga practice or through other dimensions of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care.

Amy Amerell

IMG_0997Amy dabbled in various styles of yoga while living and teaching kindergarten in Wisconsin. Her main draw to yoga was to relieve back pain following a spinal fusion. After a move to Virginia with her family she was introduced to the Bikram style. Over time she found that in addition to pain relief, Bikram taught her how to practice awareness, patience, gratitude and the value of deliberate breathing. Her desire for a deeper understanding of the healing benefits of Bikram led her to numerous clinics and yoga retreats under master instructors. She moved to Clearwater a little over a year ago and fell in love with Yoga 365. Becoming a teacher of this style was a natural progression for Amy in an effort to share her passion and enthusiasm for how yoga can heal you from the inside out.   She is grateful and excited to have the opportunity to share this practice with others.

Amanda Blackburn

AmandaBlackburnPortraitAmanda offers a rare experience where art meets wellness. Born with artist written on every bone, Amanda always lived with particular interest in the marriage of body and soul. She cemented her footprints in the joy of wellness while living abroad in Paris. Upon her return to the states she completed her dual license Massage Therapy and Aesthetics in 2008 at Aveda Institute. Amanda continued to merge art and wellness, completing dual bachelors in Studio Art and Art History in 2011 at USF.  She guides her clients on their journey to enjoy life through caring for the body appropriate to each individual situation. She specializes in capturing the essence of peace in her bright and calm touch of healing in many massage modalities such as Swedish, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Facial Massage. Amanda journeys through the healing process with clients suffering through migraines, stress, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, pregnancy, postpartum, and more. Her utmost joy comes through her support and encouragement for others to have a self-care mission in order to feel confident in their bodies and downright inspired to live their lives enjoying wellness, body and soul.   Amanda delights in supporting individuals to experience their best life now.

Sara Daugherty

SaraDSara started her yoga journey in 2006 due to sciatica nerve issues in her low back. Through tapes and led classes her back pain was eased. She knew she was healthier and was creating strength in her body she never thought possible. What she hadn’t anticipated was this cultivation of internal peace she was discovering. A firm believer that when you aren’t searching for something it always comes to you, she had found her proof. Yoga became an eternal part of her life. It has been a gift and tool to help her through many trials and tribulations that have come to pass, and she is on a path to share this with others through teaching. She likes to teach a class full of encouragement, support, and a never ending supply of positive energy! She feels every student in every class is on a different path, and that yoga is a sacred part of it.  She considers it a blessing that she can help in any way, for any one on this journey of self discovery.

Ashley Feyedelem

SONY DSCWhile working towards her MA degree in English Education at USF, Ashley came to yoga searching for a tool to help manage the stress that comes with being a high school teacher, but she found so much more. Through her yoga practice she created a healthy lifestyle and found a spiritual path that led her to listen to her inner teacher, truly appreciating a holistic approach to wellness.  She is eager and humbled to be able to help others on their yoga journey.  Taking advantage of local workshops, as a student she continually explores the lifetime lessons yoga has to offer from handstands to mantras and meditation.  She specializes in Vinyasa and Slow Flow classes that incorporate strengthening, flexibility, and breath control to transform the physical practice of yoga into a moving mediation.  She provides a compassionate and calming energy in her classes, helping her students remember that yoga is a practice that can make your life more blissful, both on and off the mat.

Abby Goodwin

AbbyAbby Goodwin is the Studio Manager at Yoga365 and graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Sociology. Her practice began in her sophomore year of college with the Bikram method. Since her first class in a small, hot Bikram studio in Queens, NY, her practice evolved from doing physical yoga poses to following a yogic approach to life. Abby graduated from Evolation Yoga in Tampa, Florida with a 200 hour Hot Yoga Certificate in 2011 and in November 2015, she completed her 230 hour Yoga Alliance Certification from Asheville Yoga Studio. Abby loves teaching beginners, helping people to experience peace in their body and mind and holding space in her classes to make yoga accessible to everyone.

 Tina Moretti

IMG_0851 (1)Tina teaches a powerful, unique and energetic yoga class. With six years of teaching experience, she is certified as a 500 E-RYT.  She achieved her advanced certification in Thailand. Her style is derived from experience in Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Her passion to teach and practice comes from within and radiates in her classes. Tina lives to share the art of yoga and strives to deepen every student’s practice. Her classes are challenging, but rewarding with an intense focus on alignment. She freestyles each sequence and strategically coordinates the movements to handpicked music. Tina’s class is an unparalleled experience of a disciplined, but fun practice set to captivating playlists.

Jen Taylor

FullSizeRender (1)Jen experienced first hand the life changing effects of a daily yoga practice. She approaches yoga holistically, believing it can strengthen and heal the body, mind and spirit. While she enjoys practicing and teaching a variety of different yoga styles, Yin allowed her to merge the physical practice of yoga with mindfulness and spiritual wellbeing. She believes that yoga provides a platform for individuals to reconnect with their body and mind, to feel empowered, and to live life more consciously. She believes that the time spent on the mat is a chance to look within, focus on self-discovery and manifest positive change in your life. She is passionate about the healing power of yoga, and encourages beginners and advanced practitioners alike, to experience the transformations that can occur when we slow down and drop in.


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