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Our Instructors

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Aaron Ledesma
Aaron4Aaron enjoyed a twelve-year career in professional baseball as an infielder for the Mets, Orioles, Angels, Rockies and the Tampa Bay Rays. Shortly after having back surgery in 2003, Aaron took his first Bikram Yoga Class in San Francisco and knew instantly that the Bikram series was exactly what his body needed after years of rigorous play. Instead of going to spring training that year, Aaron decided to retire from baseball and attend Bikram’s yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. He has been teaching yoga ever since, and he enjoys teaching just as much as he does practicing. His focus at Yoga 365 is to help people from all walks of life heal their bodies and find inner peace and confidence in their lives.


Karen Ledesma
Karen LedesmaKaren began exploring yoga and meditation fifteen years ago at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she earned a degree in Psychology. For years she explored different styles of yoga, including traditional Hatha and Iyengar, before settling into teaching and practicing in the Ashtanga tradition. In 2005, she found another love in the traditional Bikram yoga series and made hot yoga her daily physical and spiritual practice. Traveling with Aaron in the minor league system, she spent years practicing in Bikram and hot yoga studios all over the East Coast. After settling down in Dunedin, Karen was certified to teach the traditional hot yoga series and made the decision to dedicate herself to teaching. Having also earned an MA in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Karen has a strong interest in integrating the spiritual dimension of yoga. She is immersed in ongoing training in the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy tradition, which encourages a deeper connection with self through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary body-mind psychology.

Stephanie Carroll

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc siteStephanie has been a student of yoga since 2004, after a doctor recommended it following a car accident. As hard as it seemed at first, it became something that soon fascinated her and helped alleviate pain. This soon inspired her to learn more about the human body and how to heal injuries naturally- by living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She studied kinesiology at The University of Texas in San Antonio where she  pursued practicing yoga in her free time. This new found passion for yoga inspired her to want to learn more about the discipline itself and share the knowledge with others. To Stephanie, the practice of yoga helps give each of us the tools to deal with obstacles in our path, helps us deal with our relationships, and gives us the courage to look within ourselves and tackle our problems head on. It gives the the strength to let go of the past, not worry about the future and live in the present moment. It also helps us realize our true strength and potential, allowing us to more fully connect with ourselves and others.

Sara Daugherty

SaraDSara started her yoga journey in 2006 due to sciatica nerve issues in her low back. Through tapes and led classes her back pain was eased. She knew she was healthier and was creating strength in her body she never thought possible. What she hadn’t anticipated was this cultivation of internal peace she was discovering. A firm believer that when you aren’t searching for something it always comes to you, she had found her proof. Yoga became an eternal part of her life. It has been a gift and tool to help her through many trials and tribulations that have come to pass, and she is on a path to share this with others through teaching. She likes to teach a class full of encouragement, support, and a never ending supply of positive energy! She feels every student in every class is on a different path, and that yoga is a sacred part of it.  She considers it a blessing that she can help in any way, for any one on this journey of self discovery.

Jenny Kotraba

Jenny While attaining her bachelors degree in health and physical fitness and a minor in psychology in Charleston, SC Jenny found a refined passion for a regular yoga practice and quickly worked to become certified. She specializes in vinyasa flow and slow flow with a strong emphasis on breath and the impact that breath has on our bodies and our health. Jenny has spent two years working with chiropractors, understanding correct alignment and productive, safe methods of recovery. She is a strong believer that overall health is a combination of physical, mental, and emotional balance. She hopes to play a positive role in educating others about the benefits that yoga can have in stress reduction, mental clarity, and physical longevity. She is grateful for the opportunity to benefit, positively impact, and inspire others in their personal growth. For students wanting to focus on Vinyasa flow, slow flow, alignment or core strengthening, Jenny is available for private sessions Tu/Th between 12-6 pm.

Kristin Bomhard

Kristin Kristin began her practice in yoga as a child at Sunday school.  She always carried an interest to return to its practice and as an adult she started to practice more seriously.  She found a greater sense of peace through the practice and it complimented her running, which she is in love with.  Not only was it a mental relief, but it also helped to calm her digestive condition.  She finds that yoga compliments her degree in Nutrition as becoming more well-rounded as a healthy individual.  The idea of health for her is one of the holistic – mind, body, and soul need to be in harmony.   As she became a seasoned yogi, she was asked to become a teacher in 2009.  Her training as a teacher then began, which actually brought a better sense of strength in other parts of her life.   She loves to see the peace that leading a practice can bring to an individual and strives to learn more about each student.  The connection between a teacher, class and yogi are inter-related through the energy brought to a class.  That being said, she knows the calmness that can be instilled by the end of a class can be brought outside of the yoga room into our interactions within other facets of a yogi’s life.


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