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Massage at Yoga 365

Massage at Yoga 365 in Clearwater

Amanda Blackburn, LMT

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AmandaBlackburnPortraitFitness seeks to harness physique, while wellness seeks to free the body in peaceful sanctuary. Amanda offers a rare experience where art meets wellness. Born with artist written on every bone, Amanda always lived with particular interest in the marriage of body and soul. She cemented her footprints in the joy of wellness while living abroad in Paris. Upon her return to the states she completed her dual license Massage Therapy and Aesthetics in 2008 at Aveda Institute. She immediately entered the field and began refining her skills and technique over the next seven years. Amanda continued to merge art and wellness, completing dual bachelors in Studio Art and Art History in 2011 at USF. So much of wellness is the environment around us, finding the art in the mundane experience, and thus, wielding the body to enjoy it!  Amanda guides her clients on their journey to enjoy life through caring for the body appropriate to each individual situation. She specializes in capturing the essence of peace in her bright and calm touch of healing in many massage modalities such as Swedish, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Facial Massage. Amanda journeys through the healing process with clients suffering through migraines, stress, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, pregnancy, postpartum, and more. Her utmost joy comes through her support and encouragement for others to have a self-care mission in order to feel confident in their bodies and downright inspired to live their lives enjoying wellness, body and soul.   Amanda delights in supporting individuals to experience their best life now.

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