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Author Archives: Karen Ledesma

The Power & Practice of Hot Yoga

Most new students experience some trepidation when first walking into the hot room, although they have heard the buzz about hot “Bikram” yoga and want to experience the benefits for themselves. Hot Yoga, we coach our students, utilizes heat to optimize the experience of stretching and strengthening all of our major muscle groups, as well as to train the heart ... Read More »

Beginning your Hot Yoga Journey

It may have been a long time—maybe never—since you’ve asked every muscle in your body to move, strengthen and stretch in quite this way! Chances are, you’ve never been in such a hot room, surrounded by so many other bodies, and be asked to bend your total spine backwards or touch your forehead to your knee. Take heart! You are ... Read More »

Fall Fever – Tips for Renewed & Healthy Habits

As the lazy Florida summer turns into fall, I start to feel the impulse to get back on schedule again and back to good habits. Fall gets me in the mood for new projects and goal-setting. I catch the back-to-school fever of daily planners, better sleeping schedules, healthier meal-planning, and promises to follow through on my good ideas to better ... Read More »

26 Postures: Flourishing within Structure

By Karen Ledesma 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises. How can a class that centers so much around discipline and structure also become a space in which creativity flows? Creativity flourishes in some degree of inner stillness, in which the mind, body and emotions are not competing for space, but become synced in a way that uplifts and liberates us. The ... Read More »

Great Reasons & Tips for practicing Hot Yoga in the Summertime

The summer is upon us, and you may be considering whether it makes sense to turn the heat up even more by walking into a hot yoga class.You may be asking yourself if it makes sense or if you have the energy for it; others may be giving you that funny, “Have you lost your mind?” look…. Having lived and ... Read More »

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